domingo, 23 de dezembro de 2007

*(Lista) Editores de Mapas.

ista de Map-Editors - Atualizada - 28/07/07

Últimas Versões:Versões antigas:


OTMapEditor 0.4.78 experimental - make backups of the map before use
* Experimental release with auto-borders
* Updated the creatures.xml and materials.xml (thanks Rudixx)
* Added enable/disable auto-border function (Edit->Auto borders), you can temporarly enable auto-borders if you hold down Ctrl while drawing.
* Made the focus-rectangle stand out a bit to make it easier to see if auto-border is enabled.
* Increased the layer number for grass borders
* Fixed a bug with remaped types wouldnt have the same layer number as its remaped type

OTMapEditor 0.4.70b - 8.00
* Beta version of Auto-Border (Don't secure)

OTMapEditor 0.4.60 - 8.00
* First version of menu in cascate.

OTMapEditor 0.4.59 - 8.00
* Should now work with windows vista x64
* Rebuilt with static MFC (larger filesize, less dlls)
* Changed some settings so that you dont need to have framework .net 2.0 to run

OTMapEditor 0.4.58 - 8.00
* Updated sources to compile with visual studio 2005
* Added a crash report function, if you get a report generated please send it to me so I can fix the crash (Especially that crash bug with windows vista x64...)
* Updated to 8.0

OTMapEditor 0.4.55 - 7.92
* Bug fixes

OTMapEditor 0.4.55 - 7.92
* Bug fixes

OTMapEditor 0.4.54 - 7.92
* template function now works on all items not just ground items
* added a window to unique and action ids
* updated to map editor to read the items.otb and items.xml format

OTMapEditor 0.4.52 - 7.9
* added a export housetiles
* added support for addons - set in creatures.xml
* creatures with a template sprite will be drawned with correct shading

OTMapEditor 0.4.50 - 7.8
* Updated to 7.8 and fixed a problem with splashes/liquid containers not showing the correct colors

OTMapEditor - 7.6
* Adding items into containers implemented (make backup of the map to see if your server can handle this correctly!)
* Export minimap

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