terça-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2008

(8.0)(CTF)Capture The Flag

The first Capture The Flag server for version 7.6 was made by anctice (think so), and it died since then, right now im im releasing a new version of the ctf, using "OpenTibia_SVN_08.10.2007" with boost::asio and some other great updates

The server max uptime is 52Hrs tested on a laptop with WinXP Home SP2
and the laptop had to be turned off, so im expecting about 60 Hrs+.


* Configurable flag colors to match your team colors [config.lua]
* Maximum level in config.lua
* Team Colors AND Names loaded [config.lua]
* Cannot change outfits in-game
* Team spawns and flag locations loaded [config.lua]
* When flag carrier dies, flag stays on the ground till someone gets it (After x seconds, it gets sent back to the base, configurable in config.lua)
* Round time configurable in config.lua
* Teams teleported to temple after each round
* ScoreBoard with top 10 Player scores at the end of each round
* Items dont lose charges
* Never hungry
* Auto-teaming, as soon as you login youll be set on a team with the appropriate color
* Different death system. Now instead of have to relog each time, you just get sent to your team temple.
* Points system. Gain points by killing people or getting the flag, top scorers anounced at the end of each round.
* !changeteam to change team (of course) and you need to be not on a fight, and the teams bust be unbalanced so you can change.

Base Code - OpenTibia_SVN_08.10.2007
CTF Base Code - Anctice CTF 7.6
Code Modifications - BlackKnight
Map - Dead Zone
Web Site - Swelia
Animation Text Document -
Outfit Color Numbers -
Missing Credit? PM Me

Contains of Package:
Capture The Flag Server 1.5.0 For SQL (No Monsters Included - No Sources Included).
Dead Zone & Classic Rounds Map
SQL Database.
Website Swelia (Using My Configuration, you need to edit it by your self or download it from swelia website).
Animated Text Document
Outfit Color Numbers

1.5.0 Binary Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/64497754/CTF_1.5.0.rar.html
1.5.0 Source Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/65136256/OpenTibia_SVN_08.10.2007.rar.html

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